3 Legitimate Ways to Make Full-Time Income From Home

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These days, almost everyone knows someone who claims to have found a legitimate way to make full-time income from home. There was a time when such claims would be dismissed as improbable pie in the sky dreams and possibly as dishonest pyramid schemes; but today, more than 40% of workers in the US report doing some portion of their work remotely 

If you’re wondering whether or not there’s a place for you in the world of full-time work-from-home careers, we have good news: There are many different ways to make a full-time income from home with the skills and passions you already have.  

1. Provide Freelance Services 

If you have experience and skills in a particular field, you may be able to market those skills to provide freelance services. The most challenging aspect of turning your skills into a full-time work-from-home career is marketing those skills to clients who need them.  

Fortunately, you can find reputable websites and job boards, such as Upwork, that help you find clients and develop a reputation in your field. There’s a wide range of services that you could turn into your dream job at home. Consider a career in…  

  • Transcription 
  • Design 
  • Virtual Assistant 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Writing 
  • Translation 
  • Accounting 

2. Monetize Your Hobby  

It’s not always necessary to have a specialized set of skills to make a full-time income from home. For many people, all it takes is a passion, a hobby, and a willingness to try something new. Whether you enjoy photography, making jewelry, knitting, crocheting, collecting, painting, or any number of fun and worthwhile hobbies, you can probably find a niche where your personal joy can turn into a lucrative professional reputation.  

Building a business around something you love is also not as difficult as it may sound. Websites like Etsy and even Facebook can reach an enormous audience without most of the challenges that frequently come with starting from scratch. For photography enthusiasts, there are websites that buy photos, like Shutterstock. You might even try sharing your hobby with others through tutoring, videos, and other instructional materials. 

3. Become a Company Rep 

What if you don’t have any special skill set to freelance or enjoyable hobby to monetize, but you’re still looking for ways to make full-time income from home? Look into the companies that hire remote workers as call center, tech support, and collections representatives.  

Many of these remote based job opportunities offer entry-level positions. They provide training and require little more than some basic equipment to get started. You can even get full benefits, a 401-K plan, paid training, and opportunities for advancement with companies like Convergys.    

Start Making Full-Time Income From Home  

With all of these resources and options, there’s no reason not to pursue your skills and passions all the way to your house (and the bank, of course). Start by making a list of the things you’re good at, the things you have experience with, and the things you love. Then, use the tools available to you to create a rewarding and flexible work from home career.  

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Two Apps that help you make money

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We have all got smartphones nowadays, and nearly everything we do on the phones requires an app.

Would not it be cool if you could earn additional money just for using apps? Well, you can.

You are not likely to become wealthy by downloading mobile apps, but you may use them to make a passive income each month.

Considering some of these don’t require you to do anything but only watch movies or take part in paid surveys. Additionally, they are free apps for iPhone or even Android.

1. Long Game Savings: Win (and Save) Money

There’s something titillating about playing digital slot machines. Of course, you can’t do triumph, and you wind up spending way more than you’d planned.

There is a new app on the market, however, that unites playing slots and saving money. Right — it sounds 100% counter intuitive, but it’s really cool.

Download it free of charge to get iOS or Android.

It is simple to get started with the app. First, you’ll create an account, verify your identity and connect your bank accounts. Establish how much you’d love to automatically save each day, could be as small as 5. Once you link your bank account, you will get 300 points, which means you can begin playing as you wait for payday.

You have got tons of choices in the app, from slot machines to scratch-offs to spin-to-win wheels. Your deposits earn you coins you’ll use to play with and hopefully win more coins to play more games or even money prizes, which will automatically enter in your Long Game Savings account.

You can withdraw the money from you account at any time. So think of it this way: It’s costing you money to play games, but you’re not losing it. Ut’s all going into your Long Game Savings account. Rather than saying you gambled away money this weekend, you can say you saved it away!

2. Ebates

One of the favorite ways to save cash is with Ebates, a cah back program that rewards you nearly every time you buy something. By way of instance, Ebates gives you 10% cah back on purchases at Walmart.

For trying out the app, you’ll find a complimentary $10 gift card to Walmart.

a) Simply, Sign up for Ebates  with your email or Facebook account.

b)Use the Ebates portal next time you need to buy something. It’s linked to tens of thousands of stores, including Walmart, Amazon and Target. You’ll need to create your first

c) purchase via the website within 90 days and invest at least $25.

Ebates will credit your account with points you can cash in for your $10 Walmart gift card.


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Smart ways to make money as a blogger.

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Are you a blogger or mom blogger and just can not figure out how to make money with your blog?

I know for a whole lot of you though, your blog is your side hustle and you want to one day say goodbye to that 9-5 job and say hello to blogging for good. So, I’ve rounded up some smart ways to make money as a blogger.

These aren’t the fast ways to make money from but are proven and work. When implemented, they will sure help you quit your day job.

1. Write for other blogs and get paid

The easiest way to earn at least 100 dollars would be to write a guest article. Period!

If you like blogging (and thinking of starting your blog) and you also understand just a little, WordPress, advertising, decoration, homsescholing, saving, virtually anything — there is sure to be a site to a guest article for.

The simplest way to discover sites in a specific market that pays for guest articles is to Google it. For Example, I randomly typed in “get paid to write for blogs” to find out if there are some guest article chances:


So, try it for yourself.

2. Create and Sell an Ebook

This is somewhat harder than a number of the other tactics to produce an income on the internet, but it could be rewarding. A good deal of bloggers finally wishes to generate more earning via their blog by creating an eBook and selling it.

Now, what is also good is that there’s a possibility of future products according to your eBook. Fans are figuring out they can first produce an eBook, a class or a training program.

For example, Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog has her Building a Framework book, and she has a course called Book Boss for graduates of her Building a Framework readers.

3. Create an online course

For a great deal of bloggers, creating a online training program or a course can look to be a hard goal, however it is among the very best long-term strategies for earning money from the own blog.

And you know what? You do not need to write for years or build your credibility until you produce a program. You course could be a series of timely released videos or  online content that people subscribe to get access to.

To create an online course, you simply need to commit to your course. You already have a idea (whatever your blog is centered around, you can create a course on that), then test your idea to see if people will be interested. One way to do this is research on the internet if there are already course out there and don’t be discoursed if you see a lot of people offering their courses. This basically mean your idea is popular and there is room to make steady income. Finally, create your online course and launch it.

 4. Monthly Subscription Program

There are just a couple of high tiers to make money online and among them is to get a monthly subscription. This guarantees passive income every month. However, it will come with a lot of responsibility and creation.

People who pay for your program expect the very best information and tools out there. Whether that is podcasts, webinars, strategy masterminds, or a network of other people who can keep your customers liable, your monthly program must help your buyers in their transformation.

Gabrielle Brick — a virtual business partner and mentor — has got the Mother’s Mastermindwhich is $19.98/month (it is currently closed) for moms who want to have more direction on being grounded while raising their company.

5. Offer Your Services

One of the best ways to make extra income is to offer your skills to other individuals. For example, after blogging for many years, I have learnt the ins and outs of WordPress. I can even code some. I help people set up their hosting, domains, launch blogs and help them pick themes and plugins they will need to start there website. This is stuff I learn over time, and I know to make extra income offering my skills. There are plenty of websites out there that you can register to offer your services, like upworks.com.

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FREE Thin Crust Creations Pizza at Boston Pizza

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Boston Pizza: Get a FREE Thin Crust Creations Pizza (10,000 Available)

Boston Pizza giving away 10,000 of their new Thin Crust Creations Pizzas for free!

Simply create or log into an existing MyBP account and enter the promo code NEWTHINCRUST on the promotion page and the offer will be added to your account!

The offer is applicable with dine-in orders only.

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Free Finish Powerball Quantum Max dishwasher pods

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Free Finish Powerball Pods

Right now, you can try Finish Powerball Quantum Max dishwasher pods free! Simply look out for specially marked boxes of 45 or 64 pack pods that mention the free offer. Since this is a rebate offer, be sure to keep your receipt and follow the rebate instructions on the box.


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Lustea Beauty Shampoo/Conditioner Samples

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Lustea Beauty specializes in hair care products. They are giving free samples of their Shampoo/Conditioner for a limited time!

They have four different Shampoo/Conditioner in their line up:

  1. Argan Oil Series Shampoo/Conditioner
  2. Coconut Milk Shampoo/Conditioner
  3. Keratin Smooth Series Shampoo/Conditioner
  4. Tangle Free Shampoo/Conditioner

To get the samples, simply fill a short form and hit submit. This offer is open to residents of US only and is limited to one per person.

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Shoppers Drug Mart – Double Double Event

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Receive 2 free gifts when you spend $75 or more at Shoppers Drug Mart this weekend.

  • $10 Tim Hortons Gift Card (No Expiry)
  • $10 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Coupon (Expires: December 1, 2013)

Valid November 9-10, 2013 only.

One offer per transaction per customer.

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Kraft Coupons: $1.50 off Kraft Singles White Cheddar

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Kraft Singles Coupon.

Kraft Singles Coupon.

Kraft First Taste members can now print a new $1.50 off for Kraft Singles coupon.

To become a Kraft First Taste member, simply sign up for free, and for limited time receive 2,500 points just for signing up.

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Chapters Indigo: Up To 50% Selected Items

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Chapters Indigo Summer Sale

Chapters Indigo Summer Sale

Get up to 50% off everything you need for summer. This offer is available online and in store. This offer is valid until Monday, July 1, 2013.

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WagJag: Free $5 Code + $1000 Cash

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Wagjag contest

Wagjag contest

Enter the WagJag Birthday Sweeps Contest to and receive a $5 WagJag gift code just for entering and chance to win $1000 cash. Simply “like” the WagJag Facebook page and fill out the contest form.

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